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New upload.

2009-02-13 17:47:39 by CountStep

New upload, "Constant Drip". Not going to go into any deep explanations, because it's not really necessary. Who's going to read it, anyway? BWAHAHA!


2009-01-28 18:27:48 by CountStep

Added a horrendous submission to Audio portal. 28.Jan.09.

"Radiohead Piano Medley" and "Fallout" uploaded. ("Fallout" uploaded under the name "Fallout (Count+Step)" because the name was already taken; must be some Fallout remixes or something out there?)

Upcoming Song Uploads

2008-12-23 17:26:56 by CountStep

My internet presence is erratic, so I'll try to upload whenever I can. I'm intent on uploading my "Radiohead Piano Medley" song next time I get online, so look for that. Or don't! The second day-upload will be some other random song I did, most likely "Fallout", "Unsheathe the Macbeth Dagger", or "Parabola Opens down When You're Not Around". Until then, I have three songs uploaded, so feel free to peruse them at your own leisure, and that.